How to get there

The best airport to fly to is Kilimanjaro international airport (code JRO) and we can arrange transfer from the Kilimanjaro airport to your hotel and back – subject to additional cost. If you are unable to find flights to Kilimanjaro airport can you reserve flights to either Nairobi airport, Kenya or Dar es Salaam airport, Tanzania. You will need to join a connecting flight to Kilimanjaro airport or bus transfer to Moshi town or Arusha town for the start of your climb.

International Flights

We start all our climbs from Moshi or Arusha town, which is approximately 45 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport.

The following airlines fly directly to Kilimanjaro airport:


  • Direct flights from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro airport
  • Direct flights from Frankfurt to Kilimanjaro airport
    Turkish Airlines
  • Direct flights from Istanbul to Kilimanjaro airport
    Kenya Airways
  • Direct flights from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro airport
    Precision Air
  • Direct flights from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro airport
    Qatar Airlines
  • Direct flights from Doha to Kilimanjaro airport
    Ethiopian Airlines
  • Direct flights from Addis Adaba to Kilimanjaro airport
  • Direct flights from Kigali to Kilimanjaro airport

If you are unable find direct flights to Kilimanjaro airport, you can fly to Kilimanjaro airport via Dar Es Salaam or Nairobi (Kenya). Kilimanjaro is much closer to Nairobi than it is from Dar es Salaam. Nairobi receives a lot more air traffic than Kilimanjaro Airport, making for more competitive prices.

Domestic flights within Tanzania

The following airlines offer domestic flights within Tanzania:

  • Precision Air
  • Fly540
  • Regional Air
  • Fastjet
  • Zan Air
  • Coastal Aviation
  • Air Excel

Bus transfers

For a supplementary charge we can help you arrange private transportation or shuttle bus transfers to Moshi or Arusha from Nairobi, and vice versa.

Although the bus departs from Nairobi’s Parkside Hotel, we arrange to fetch our clients from certain hotels in the Nairobi city centre, at the Nairobi airport, and we do not charge extra for this service. In Arusha or Moshi town, pick up or drop off can be arranged to most hotels in the city centre area.

Bus schedule (subject to change)
Routing Schedule Departing Arriving
Nairobi to Arusha Daily 08:00 14:00
Nairobi to Arusha Daily 14:00 18:30
Nairobi to Moshi Daily 08:00 15:30
Moshi to Nairobi Daily 06:00 14:00
Arusha to Nairobi Daily 08:00 14:00
Moshi to Nairobi Daily 10:30 18:30
Arusha to Nairobi Daily 14:00 18:30

Private transfers

It is possible to arrange private transfers to Arusha or Moshi from Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam or Mombassa and vice versa, at extra cost.

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